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First, you need to understand the basics of a fishing rod. Choosing the length is the initial job. Fishing rods come in a variety of sizes ranging from four feet to fourteen feet. The shorter rod can be used to cast shorter distances and are used for lightweight baits. They are also suitable for trolling. Longer rods can be used to cast further distances making it useful for surfcasting. Longer rods are typically used for heavier baits and in fly fishing.

Choosing on the weight is the next task. The weight of the rod will indicate how much weight your rod can carry and hence the strength of it. This selection will be determined by the type of bait you will use.

What Materials

Decide on the material next. Fishing rods are made of either graphite or fiberglass. They even come in a combination of both the materials. The materials will determine its functionality and kind of fishing you will do. Graphite rods are lighter in weight but are sensitive. They are even more expensive. Fiberglass rods are heavier but offer much more flexibility. They are highly durable material. They are relatively cheaper. If you are diverse fishermen preferring a variety of locations and different types of fish, then go for a combination of both materials.

Choosing a reel is the next task. Rods are determined by what kind of reel you use. Reels come in two types. Either spinning or casting. Your selection will be determined by the type of fishing you do and your needs.


Once you have selected the type of fishing rod you want, search for places where you can buy the fishing rod. The place where you buy the rod will greatly influence its quality. Visiting a specialty sporting goods store will give you access to a variety of fishing rods. You can even buy fishing rods online but be careful about it. Go through reviews and select the best fishing rod. Before purchasing one, consider the what level fisherman you are, what kind of fishing you will be doing and the kind of bait you will use.

Quality of fishing rod

Whenever choosing the fishing rod, determine the quality of it. You can do this by properly inspecting it. Hold the rod and see whether it is comfortable or not. Look for defects in the rod and even check the guides to get a better and a detailed idea.