Humminbird Puck Transducer Xp 9 20 T


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The Humminbird XP 9 20 T Puck Transducer is designed to mount to the inside of most fiberglass hulls with a deadrise less than 15 degrees, and transmit the sonar signal through the hull itself. Your boats hull must be of single-layer, fiberglass construction and be free of trapped air or voids in order for a puck transducer to operate correctly, so cored fiberglass, metal and wood will not work. This unit is meant to be glued to your inner hull with a slow-cure epoxy, which is included, and connects to your compatible Humminbird sonar or fish finder system via the included 15-foot cable.Package includes: Humminbird Puck Transducer Xp 9 20 THEIGHT X LENGTH X WIDTH: 9 X 15 X 7WARRANTY: 1 Year Direct Manufacturer Warranty

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