Cold Steel Thompson Voyager Vaquero 12-1/4″” Folder OD Green


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Cold Steel President Lynn C Thompsons passion for knife-training is well known by all of our customers. A lifelong Martial Artist who still trains. From his lectures and demonstrations, he has shared his knowledge and experience with some of our nations most honored and respected tactical experts. Lynn often switches out between different knives. But one blade has remained a constant favorite of his ever since its initial development over 20 years ago the Vaquero! With its long, wide undulating blade shape, the Thompson Voyager with its Vaquero style blade has the broad belly and sweeping curves of a kukri, but also the prominent piercing tip of a dagger. Fully serrated, with Cold Steel’s signature grip n rip serration pattern for shearing through tough, fibrous material, the Vaquero is not only a great choice when working with thick rope or abrasive mediums, but a devastatingly effective self-defense tool. This signature edition Thompson Voyager is strictly limited to 2000 pieces. Each one is numbered, with a laser-engraved signature on the blade and unique box hand signed by Lynn himself. Featuring our pioneering Tri-Ad lock for added strength, an expertly heat treated American CTSXHP powdered steel blade, chosen for its ability to take and hold an incredibly fine edge, and a DLC (Diamond Like) coated for superior scratch resistance, the Signature Edition Thompson Voyager will be a proud part of your collection!

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