Qualityhuntingandfishing.comI remember when it was nearing fall my family would start talking about deer hunting. When i was younger the family would meet every Sunday at my grandmothers house for supper and to enjoy each other’s company.

That’s where you would hear my grandfather,father and two uncles telling past hunting stories and planing for the new season. It was always funny to set back and listen,seemed the stories just got larger the longer they talked.

I would go with my father to look for fresh trails to see where the deer were moving to. I would go through clearing small brush with a machete,suppose dad let me do that to feel like i was helping.

After we would walk several miles it seemed dad would finally say “that’s the spot”. That’s when the fun would begin,we would hammer 2 by 4s to the tree and climb up and build a deer stand. Dad would put it in between a couple trees which gave plenty of room for me. He would always tie a rope in the tree to pull up materials and his gun when we would hunt.

Those are some of the greatest times i can remember, it was when we would stay in the woods sometimes for days. These are great experiences i wish to share with my son one day.