Quality hunting and fishing.comI remember back to when my son was younger and was in scouts. On his first camping trip we had to go get a sleeping bag, backpack camelback for water and a foot locker to keep everything in.

We looked at many sleeping bags before he finally decided on a mummy sleeping bag, he figured that it would keep him the warmest. There was also a big selection of back packs so that also took a while to find the perfect one that had all the right pockets.

He stayed in scouts for six years in which he went through several more sleeping bags and backpacks  has he grew. He always like the mummy sleeping bag cause it was warm and gave he a pillow sort of.

In my experience it makes a difference in what type of gear that you buy. Several of the items were handed down and lasted for many more years. Of course I’m not going to spend a bunch of money for something that is only going to last one year then be out grown.